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Aircraft Lighting

DRS’s Solid State Near Infrared (SSNIR) Lamp and InfraRed (IR) Beacon Ring can be used in a variety of aircraft taxi, takeoff, landing, navigation, and anti-collision applications. The SSNIR Lamp contains three parallel circuits for redundancy - each with twelve, high-power LEDs - which radiate a focused optical beam in the 880 nm frequency spectrum range. The SSNIR Lamp is designed to replace a variety of PAR 46 lamp applications, and utilizes existing lamp mounting, wiring, control, and power circuitry.

The Infrared (IR) Beacon Ring can be installed in conjunction with a variety of anti-collision strobe lights, and provides a steady or flashing IR light source, visible at distances in excess of one nautical mile with Night Vision compatible devices. It is controllable via a cockpit control panel, which allows for control of both the mode (i.e., flashing, off, steady) and intensity of the light source.

The long life expectancy, low power usage, interchangeability, and reliability of these lighting products make them a perfect choice for a wide range of covert lighting applications.

The SSNIR Lamp and IR Beacon Ring are currently operational on a variety of helicopter platforms. DRS ICAS has the proven expertise to deliver these and other lighting product solutions, which are customized to meet the needs and operational requirements of our customers.

Aircraft Lighting
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